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marți, august 10, 2010

Roxana - De Fortune Restaurant Review

We are here at the 'De Fortune' restaurant blogging live for you today.

We've been dining here for almost 2 hours  now and have been having an exquisite dinner comprised of 4 plates so far. A basket of bread, 4 little spoonfuls of beef salad, 
 and our 2 appetizers (tuna salad and fish (indistinguishable) )

Almost too much to finish in the short 2 hours. We barely finished in time when the waiter came to take it away :p.

After waiting for 20 more minutes the soup in the 4 course menu came.

It was so hot that it seemed to have been made right then just for us.

I guess that the surprise menu we ordered was such a surprise that even the cooks were surprised.
Tati is about to fall asleep

and mami is a little tipsy of of the wine:).

I know that people eat slower at restaurants in Europe as opposed to the US but this seems to have reached a new type of slow.

Tati just came back from smacking himself in the bathroom to wake up when the main course came.

Mami had a veal stuffed with mozzarella, decidedly the worst one ordered.

Tati ordered a Fillet Mignon and had a potato-spinach thingy on the side. I had a duck thingy with green mashed potatoes-a very interesting meal.

By the time we finished the meal 2 hours and a half had passed at this super hasty restaurant.
Andrei is curled up on his chair blissfully playing on his game boy unaware of the passing time.

Mami and Tati are discussing the bathroom and cheese markets. Interesting....

When the waiter comes to take away the plates they started thinking about skipping out on  dessert and just leaving then. Who care about the bill?:P

A while later when dessert finally came it was chomped down immediately to the horror of our waiter.

Once the bill arrived and was paid we hopped on out rented bikes and flew away with the wind.
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  1. English... finally =) Thank You! Roxi Rox!!! Awesome restaurant review. Keep 'em coming girl!

  2. Esti sigura ca talentul tau e chimia? Scrii minunat :)


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